PMU Branding Basics

So you're starting a business.. now what.

How do you get customers to pay for your service?

Well.... why do you use a service?

Are they good? Did your friend tell you about them? Do you like the service provider?

We use services because we know like and trust the service provide.

So how can we create this know trust like for our own business?

Building a solid brand is it!

Now there are so many different theories about branding and what it means and I just want to share what I think branding is and what I have learned over the past 17 years starting service businesses from scratch and selling them.

Branding is the feeling you give your customers or potential customers, it is what a person says about your company behind your back. Do they say your amazing... Do they say your rude? Would they recommend you?

For many of you PMU artists you are your brand because you are providing the service to the customer so really your brand is just YOU! Which makes it a lot easier in many ways you just need to be yourself and stick to it and that is your brand, this will attract all the right clients who are just right for you. So think about who you are and how you can be the best business owner and make your customers love their experience with you. A great question I love to ask myself is how would I want to be treated? What would I expect if I paid for that service?

Moving on to the nuts and bolts of your brand.

Basic Brand Components:

  • 2 Fonts

  • 2- 4 Colors

  • 1 Shape

  • 2-4 Textures / patterns

Some great resources to find these:

Finding your brand on Pinterest assignment:

Go sign up for a pinterest account

Create a secret board called "brand"

Then search out the following phrases and save anything that feels like your brand to your secret board. Do this for 3 days in a row (trust me you will need a break in between to be sure you are finding your true brand - this cant be rushed!)


  • Branding board

  • Mood board

  • brand colors

  • Beauty brand

  • Font pairings

  • Font combinations

  • Brand inspo

On the last day go to your secret board called "brand" and look thru all the images you selected. You will start to see a pattern arise.. You will start to see what resonates with your brand and hopefully help you narrow down what you like and want.

Once your find your brand components you can move on to creating your logo and brand board. Here is an example of brand board.

Once you've created your logo and know your color hex codes and fonts you can upload them to your software you will use to create your marketing and social media posts.

Some great programs I use:

Adobe illustrator

Once you have your brand components all set.. now you can go to town living your new brand. Use your logo across all social media channels, start posting with only your brand colors and fonts, and stick to your authentic self!

Building a solid brand DOES NOT happen overnight and there is NO easy way to do it, it takes hard work, dedication and discipline and YOU CAN DO IT!

If you need help or guidance don't hesitate to reach out.. I am always here for you.

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